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To Bundle or Not to Bundle?

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

I’ve heard that I can save money by bundling my home and auto coverages with the same company. Is this true?

The answer is a definitive…..probably. Most companies who offer both home and auto coverages do offer a multi-policy discount, as much as 25%! However there are circumstances where bundling does not make sense - and this is where a truly independent, local agency can help, especially an agency offering over 30 companies by which to shop.

For instance, if you live in a log cabin, 15 miles from the nearest fire station, it is probably not best to bundle coverage as many insurance companies will substantially up-charge for your homeowners coverage or straight-out deny an offer for coverage. Another example is if you have multiple auto accidents in the prior 5 years, it will likely be best to separate the home and auto coverages for best value by choosing a sub-standard carrier for the auto and standard carrier for the home.

Other situations that will possibly favor separate coverages are if you have a vicious dog breed or aging roof on your home where many homeowners insurance companies will deny an offer of coverage. Also, if you have certain unique autos, such as classic, antique or a newer, expensive electric vehicle, it may be best to unbundle coverage in order to find a better combined value with separate policies.

TV commercials from just about every insurance company state they can save me money. How can EVERY company save me money?

The truth is that TV ads cost a bundle. Many of these companies spend tens of millions (or more) in TV advertising per year. With companies spending that much on advertising, do you think they will offer cheaper coverage than an insurance company offered through an independent agency who does not have this enormous advertising budget?

The good news is that you don’t have to guess which insurance companies offer the best value. When you shop through a truly independent insurance agency using over 30 different insurance companies, they will do the work for you. Creekside Insurance Advisors Inc. uses a combination of national, regional, and local insurance companies for this purpose.

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