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Custom Auto Insurance Plans for Front Royal Residents

Creekside Insurance Advisors is an insurance agency in Front Royal, VA that specializes in auto insurance. Founded by CEO Chuck Swope and COO Jim Dubrueler Jr., the two have created a successful agency that helps people just like you get the coverage they need.


Our team at Creekside Insurance Advisors is continuously growing with professional, trustworthy, customer-oriented, and well-rounded individuals. Our advisors understand each person is completely different from the next, which is why our advisors tailor your insurance plan to fit your needs. With a plan that fits your lifestyle, you can carry on knowing that you are covered for the unexpected.

Why Do You Need an Insurance Advisor?


Shopping for an insurance plan online is something most people do. Although convenient, you may be missing important key points or getting overcharged on something you may not even need. Having an insurance advisor eliminates that from happening. We will review your options together to make sure we are hitting the right coverage, price, and go over any recommendations we may have and how we can tailor them to align to your specific needs. Having an insurance advisor makes insurance shopping easier and more personalized.


Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is legally required to operate a vehicle in most US States. With the requirement to have auto insurance, it is important to understand what your plan is and how it operates. If you are unaware of your plan, you could run the risk of being underinsured or overpaying for it. Both scenarios can be avoided with an educated insurance advisor who can guide you through your options. When your insurance advisor is going over your plan options you may hear some familiar terms, here is a quick refresher.



Minimum coverage needed to operate a vehicle. If at fault during an accident, liability will cover the injured party but not you.



Coverage that will only cover the damage to your car, if in a car collision. This will not cover the injured party’s car or person and will also not cover any personal injuries.


This protection type will cover vehicle damage not caused by a car collision, such as vandalism, theft, animals, and weather.

Full Coverage

This protection plan takes all the previous plans listed and combines them into one. Although the most expensive, this will offer the most protection.

Together with your insurance advisor you can expect them to tailor your auto insurance plan to fit your needs and be in a price point you desire.

Contact Us

If you are looking for an insurance agency in Front Royal, VA, to help you with your auto insurance, Creekside Insurance Advisors is just one call away. Give us a call to learn more about your options or any questions you may have about getting started.

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“In recent months, I made the decision to retire from Winchester Public Schools. After 35 years, I had multiple tasks at hand, and some very daunting.

Melissa made the transition much easier than I expected as she left no stone unturned. THANK YOU!"

Beth H.

“It was great working with Tina. She is knowledgeable and professional to work with. Helping us navigate through uncommon waters. Thank you!


I will be referring many friends so you can work your magic”

Bill, Bunker Hill, WV.

I had the privilege of meeting Christian Fernandez recently when he got me up with more affordable auto and homeowners coverage. He was very diligent about helping me, and I was impressed from the outset with his warm and personable manner.


It was a delight to work with him, and you are blessed to have him in your group.

Joyce D, Winchester VA.

Thank you so much for getting home owners insurance for us that I could keep Rommel. It meant everything!


I received great service and dependable service. Also, the quotes by Gena Young are great.

Jerry L.

Gena Young is very knowledgeable with homeowners insurance. She is very friendly as well as punctual. I called her for a quote and she got back with me very quickly. She found me the best policy for my needs, she answers every question asked. I would recommend her above anyone else.

Pam P.

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