Fixed Indexed Annuities

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Safe from market risk, 10% rollover bonus, high growth potential, guaranteed income option – it’s a “no-brainer.”

Like CD-type Annuities, FIAs are safe and have no market loss risk. However, these products typically have a potential for much higher interest rates if the stock market indexes perform well in any given year. As an added feature, ceratin FIAs offer a 5%- 10% rollover bonus allowing for immediate growth of your principal.

What is a Fixed Indexed Annuity (FIA)?

FIAs are insurance contracts that tie your interest rate to the growth of a major index, such as the S&P 500. These products are NOT directly invested in the market. However, market performance is used for interest calculations. As the S&P rises, the insurance company credits your account with interest – the better the market performance, the higher your interest. When the S&P falls, the insurance company protects your principal against loss. You will NEVER lose your principal, bonus or any prior interest credits based on poor market conditions and thus NEVER have to make up for past losses. You get to share in the upside of market gains with the guarantee you’ll never lose your principal.

Most FIAs products offered through Creekside Insurance Advisors have no sales loads or fees except for certain products in certain situations.

FIAs have many advantages:

  • Safety of principal and ALL interest gains (no market risks)
  • Tax-deferred interest growth
  • Death benefit paid directly to the beneficiary avoiding probate
  • Potential for high interest as compared to bank CD rates
  • Rollover bonus of 5% – 10% with certain products
  • Typically no sales loads or fees for the life of the contract
  • Turn accumulation into lifetime income if desired
  • Typically 10% penalty free withdrawals after first contract year
  • Never worry about a market downturn ever again

While there is no product that is a one size fits all proposition, we highly recommend this type of product in most retirement portfolios.  To get a free suitability analysis, click here.