Tired of Low CD Interest Rates?

Creekside Insurance Advisors, LLC provides CD-type annuities currently offering guaranteed interest rates of 2.75% for 60 months, 3.00% for 72 months and 3.50% for 120 months*.

CD-Type annuities offer nearly all advantages and safety of bank CDs. However, annuities also provide much higher interest rates, penalty-free withdrawal options, tax-deferral of interest and probate avoidance upon death. And just like a bank CD, when your term matures, there is no penalty to withdraw your funds.

If you are looking for safety AND higher interest rate growth – contact our experts today! Go to www.creeksideadvisors.net or call 800.467.5425. Virginia and West Virginia residents only.  *

Rates change without notice, so please visit our website or contact an agent for current rates.

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