Local Charities We Support




These local organizations are working to make our community a better home for everyone.

Thanks to our clients, we are blessed to be in a position where we have the time and resources to help others.

Since WE LIVE HERE – WE GIVE HERE. Small charities in our own backyard tend to have low administrative cost, but high impact services for our community friends in need. We see the benefits first hand.

We encourage you to follow our lead and provide support of money, time or talent to these organizations – or a charity of your own choosing.  In whatever capacity you might be able to help, someone else’s life is being touched when they need it the most.




Child Safe Center

Protecting Abused Children

In 2003, the ChildSafe Center-CAC was developed out of a desire to protect abused children from being further traumatized during the process of the investigation and prosecution of their cases.

Although we work with children who have been abused, neglected and often hurt in unimaginable and unspeakable ways, our message is one of healing, hope, and resiliency. Instead of focusing on the pain and despair caused by the trauma, we help children find their voices to share their stories to stop the abuse. We also help them find their inner strength and courage to face the abuse not as victims, but as survivors. Our efforts focus on creating the most child-focused approach to the investigation, prosecution, and treatment of child abuse. The facility and services are specifically designed to create an atmosphere that is private, safe and child-friendly. We work side by side with local law enforcement, prosecutors, child protective service workers, and treatment providers to provide a team of professionals investigating child abuse in an efficient and effective way that not only supports and advocates for the rights of the child, but also has the added benefit of a cost savings to the community. Read more  




Henry & William Evans Home for Children, Inc.



Since 1977, more than 500 children have called the Henry and Williams Evans Home for Children home. 

The fortunate children who come to the Evans Home are provided with everything necessary to do more than survive the suffering of their pasts. Here they live with children like themselves, attending to the same painful process of recovery, and together they begin to trust, to embrace their lives, and to have faith in the future. Everyone who assists the Evans Home touches their lives and contributes to this magical transformation. When Evans Home children witness the efforts of volunteers to insure the well-being of others, they begin to believe in the kindness of those who believe in them. Daily life at the Evans Home allows children to manage their own time and activities within a structured, but not strictly regimented, atmosphere. Expectations are clear and routines are predictable, but as with all families, collective obligations come down to individual responsibilities.

It is through the day to day life of the Home that Evans Home children develop the mutual respect and sense of belonging that allows them to grow and progress in all areas of their lives.  They are now scattered throughout society, in trade schools and colleges, working in various professions, raising families and contributing to their communities. They are creating their own histories, thanks to the history that became the Henry and William Evans Home for Children. Read more



Winchester Area Temporary Thermal Shelter


Providing Shelter During Cold-Weather

WATTS is a non-profit, charitable organization (501c3) that provides a safe, temporary, overnight, cold-weather shelter for homeless guests at host sites in Winchester, Frederick and Clarke Counties, Virginia. Established in 2009 WATTS has grown from hosting homeless guests for 10 weeks to hosting our guests for a 20 week period during the months of November through March.

Area faith communities and service organizations host up to 35 adult homeless guests from 7:00PM to 7:00AM for seven nights, beginning on a Monday evening at 7:00 p.m. and concluding on the following Monday morning at 7:00 a.m. A healthy, nutritious dinner and a light breakfast is provided each day. Support: Area Faith communities, businesses, and service organizations , along with many benevolent individuals, provide the necessary funding, along with offerings of time, talent, and gifts-in-kind. WATTS lodges and provides meals for about $17 per person, per night. Read more




Congregational Community Action Project



Providing Financial, Material and Supportive Assistance to People in Need

CCAP is a non-profit, faith-based, charitable organization that is funded by area churches, a synagogue, businesses, civic groups, bequests, and private individuals. We receive no funding from local, state or federal government agencies nor are we funded by the United Way. A cooperative ministry of 45 area churches and one synagogue serving Winchester and Frederick County that have joined together to provide financial, material and supportive assistance to people in need.

CCAP’s motivation is a strong desire to do God’s work in a world filled with very human needs. As an all-volunteer organization with absolutely no paid staff, we are able to put 97% of every dollar donated right back into the community. The remaining 3% is used for postage, insurance, office administration and telephone expenses.

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