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Medicare Supplement Plans

Virginia Medicare Supplement or “Medigap” coverage is a type of insurance that is secondary or “supplemental” to
Medicare Parts A and B.

Why do I need this coverage?

Medicare doesn’t pay for all the costs associated with Hospital and Medical Care. This is referred to as “gaps” in Medicare. Medicare Parts A (Hospital) and B (Medical) have deductibles that increase each year as well as co-insurance that is the beneficiary’s responsibility. Also, Medicare has no out-of-pocket maximum. So, if you were faced with extremely high co-insurance payments in a given year, your personal costs could be significant.

How Medicare Supplement Insurance works:

Medicare Supplement plans can cover your deductible and co-insurance amounts while letting you keep your doctor, specialist and hospital. Plus, the coverage travels with you wherever you go, even a foreign country with most plans.

Which plan and company are best for me?

Plans are standardized for all companies. We prefer Plan F because it covers both A and B deductibles as well as most other co-insurance amounts. Since Medicare is primary and will make all claim payment decisions, the premium rate you pay is the primary difference. As independent brokers, we choose companies that offer the best premium rates, automatic rollover of Medicare claims and do not impose waiting periods on pre-existing conditions.  If you are looking for the lowest Medicare Supplement rates, you are likely to find them here.

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