Heath Insurance Quotes in 30 Seconds and Enrollments in 5 Minutes!

Yes you read that correctly!  Quotes in as little as 30 seconds and enrollments in as few as 5 minutes!

Virginia and West Virginia residents now have a preferred option to quote and enroll for 2015 On-Exchange health insurance products with included subsidies – Creekside Insurance Advisors, Inc.

Creekside Insurance Advisors, Inc. uses a “drop-in” replacement for healthcare.gov that has both a consumer-facing portal for direct consumer quote and enrollments and also an agency portal for broker-assisted applications.  Due to the numerous problems last enrollment period with the healthcare.gov system, Creekside Insurance Advisors, Inc. sought an alternative solution to make the process easier and more efficient for both consumers and agents.

Creekside Insurance Advisors, Inc. recognizes that many consumers now prefer to “shop” their own plans, but the process during last enrollment period was very frustrating and intimidating.  Other consumers prefer to use a licensed agent for quote and enrollment assistance.  With the new Quote and Enrollment Portals, now all consumers will have a choice – and without any additional costs on the part of the consumer.  “With such a limited time window for health insurance enrollments, our new enrollment technology allows us to provide much needed protection to a greater number of our VA & WV communities” says Chuck Swope, CEO.

The Quote and Enrollment Portals can be found on the www.creeksideadvisors.net website using the following links:

Virginia On-Exchange Quote & Enrollment

West Virginia On-Exchange Quote & Enrollment

Consumers have varying schedules, and this new Quote & Enrollment Portal allows Creekside Insurance Advisors, Inc. licensed agents to assist via telephone, email or in-person.  “In our Mission to help as many members of our VA and WV communities as possible, this industry-leading technology is a life saver for families who have been too intimidated by the process to move forward” says Jim DuBrueler Jr., COO.

Creekside Insurance Advisors Inc. can be contacted through their website, or call (800) 467-5425 / (540) 722-2529.


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