Creekside Insurance Advisors, Inc. saves Medicare Clients over $200,000!

By now, everyone probably  knows that the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) runs from October 15 – December 7 each year.  If you are on Medicare, barring a special circumstance, this is the only time of year to consider changing, adding or deleting your Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage or Medicare Advantage health plan.  Medicare beneficiaries receive dozens of direct mail pieces trying to convince seniors to consider enrollment into their plan.  In Virginia, there are 31 Medicare Part D plan options to choose from, not including options for Medicare Advantage that may also include Part D coverage.

So which one do you choose?

If you are like most seniors, you will choose to do nothing and stay put in the same plan as the past year.  But that could be costly!  Most plans make changes from year to year including premium increases, deductible increases, co-pay changes and the specific medications that are covered this year may not be covered next year.  Plans are required to send out an Annual Notice of Change (ANOC) letter describing the plan changes from this year to the next, but few beneficiaries actually read this information.  The bulk of the information seniors receive in the mail can be quite overwhelming.

That’s where Creekside Insurance Advisors, Inc. comes in.  Creekside has over 3500 Medicare clients who need this assistance and they are more than willing to help – even without compensation.  Over 600 drug lists were voluntarily sent to Creekside by their clients for evaluation during the Fall 2012 AEP season and 420 clients decided the savings were worthy of making a change.  In all, Creekside’s clients saved a documented total of $205,909 in out-of-pocket prescription expenses for the 2013 Medicare Part D year.  This savings is easy to compute as the Medicare website tool calculates the estimated total out-of-pocket for all plans, including the client’s current plan.  Creekside’s new database allows for the tracking of this data.

In addition to Creekside, Medicare beneficiaries can also do their own research by using the website tool or getting help from their local pharmacy.  Creekside is licensed in Virginia and West Virginia and also specializes in other Medicare products, individual and family health insurance, group health insurance and fixed annuities.  Creekside Insurance Advisors, Inc. may be contacted at or visit website



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