A Great Way to Save Money after Retirement: Find a Hobby

Once you retire you’ll have a LOT of free time. If you don’t fill it up with some fulfilling activity, you’re going to fill up that time spending money. You may go out to eat more, travel more, or shop. If you can afford doing these things, that’s great! More than likely it’s the problem that most people fall into out of boredom, and can be expensive. That’s why it’s crucial that you find productive uses of your time when you retire, and one of the best ways to do that is to have developed some fun hobbies before you retire.

Here’s a hobby idea: Writing

If you love writing, consider starting a blog. If you are diligent you can build up a nice side business over a few years. This is not an easy path, but over time you’ll find it rewarding. Other businesses may hire you to write their business blog, and you can turn it into a nice little income stream. The more time you have to build up this business, the better. Or, write a book! Start off small with maybe a children’s book, or a short story. You may find it an amazing experience and a great way of not only enriching your life, but inspiring and enriching the lives of others.

The keys to starting a hobby are:

  • Making a list of things you enjoy doing.
  • Pick out a few and start as soon as possible before you retire.
  • Keep your eyes open to get paid.

Do something you love now and give it time. You’ll have fun; spend less money when you retire; and possibly line up getting paid too.

Interested in blogging? Below are some great links to give you an idea of articles and ideas.

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